Inspiration: Cabaret costume in white

Quite often when I’ve looked for cabaret costumes, I keep being told, over and over, a variation of “why don’t you try a galabaya” closely followed by “we have these student sets that might come in your size”. Sorry, but no, I’ve already got galabayas, I use them for performing specific dances; for a generic party night or a hafla, I prefer a cabaret costume. Which, apparently, some people think is impossible to get onto a plus size and make it cute.

Well, this is exactly how you do it!
What I like about this dress: it fits the model perfectly; it’s obviously been done to flatter her shape, it doesn’t tighten unnecessarily, there are no bulges created by a bad cut, pattern or making. She’s obviously pear shaped and has generous hips, and the decoration takes away from this by emphasizing her breasts and putting a subtle, elongating decoration on the body; the skirt doesn’t just restrict itself to cinch the legs but skims over them and leaves enough to hint at the full hips, which, in turn, minimises the thighs. The back is cut quite low but there’s a thick band that covers the bra support, thick enough to avoid it poking out (as I’ve seen at least 3 plus size costumes do when there are construction issues), and the peek-a-boo back makes it really sexy. The shrug covers the arms but appears to be a separate part to remove if needed, and frankly, stylises the arms and draw attention to her lovely hands.

This costume is a thing of beauty, and I’d *love* to know who made it.

EDITED TO ADD: I’ve found the designer. It’s a Russian designer called Alena Sadurskaya, and you can see more photos of this particular costume on her FB page here:

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  1. November 4, 2012

    […] whole evening was a black lace and power mesh fustan raqs by Eman Zaki, quite similar in style to the white one I posted as inspiration some time ago. It was rather restrained, the beading was done discretely in black over the lace […]

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