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BBC’s Inside Museums: Orientalism

BBC 3 has started a series called “Inside Museums”. They are short and sweet episodes at 23 mins, maybe a touch TOO short. But if you think this has nothing to do with dancing,...

Pattern Review: Stay Cozy Jacket

I found Ellie and Mac’s Stay Cozy Jacket pattern and saw the potential straight away. No, I wasn’t too inspired by the photos on the website, I have to say, until I saw the monochrome versions. It had an asymmetric hemline I liked, and the hood I wanted. The pattern was inexpensive, printing the pdf and assembling it was a bit annoying but not terrible.

Smokey Palettes pt.1

Today I want to start with that staple of dancer’s makeup bags, smokey palettes. I’ve written about four of them, ranging in price from inexpensive to mid-range. There will be a second post exploring a few more, coming up.

Inspiration: Elif’in Hecesi

I’m currently working on a series of posts talking about my process putting together a set for performance, beginning to end, but there are four parts (at the time of writing this) and I...