These are no real “frequently asked questions”, but I’m drawing from experience when discussing these issues with other people. So please bear with me, as proper FAQ arise I will add them here.

  • why do you use metric system instead of Imperial?
    I grew up with metrics, and I find they make far more sense to me than Imperial; they make calculations a lot easier too (87.5cm is far easier than 2′ 10″ 3/8th)
  • why focusing on plus sizes?
    I am a plus size, and I write from that perspective; it’s far easier for me to explain the joys and travails of working for my size than it is to do it for smaller sizes.
  • do you design or make costumes for sale?
    no, or at least not yet; I barely have enough time to do my own costumes, but I’m not discarding the idea that I might do in the future if my circumstances change.
  • do you give classes?
    check out the Classes page
  • what other things have you done that have helped you with dancing and costuming?
    I have 5 years of formal musical training at National Academy level, and several years working as a designer of virtual clothing
  • do I really need an overlocker (serger)?
    Overlockers  make life a lot easier when sewing regularly, but they can also be pricey; most of what you can do with an overlocker, you should be able to do with a standard sewing machine, hand sewing and patience, although it will take considerably longer to do. If you are doing enough costuming for yourself or your troupe, they are definitely worth having; otherwise it might be an idea to use a friend’s, or keep an eye out and try to find a used one for a more affordable price; this is what I did after I realised I was starting to make more and more items and clothing of my own.