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General sewing, and techniques.

Pattern Review: Stay Cozy Jacket

I found Ellie and Mac’s Stay Cozy Jacket pattern and saw the potential straight away. No, I wasn’t too inspired by the photos on the website, I have to say, until I saw the monochrome versions. It had an asymmetric hemline I liked, and the hood I wanted. The pattern was inexpensive, printing the pdf and assembling it was a bit annoying but not terrible.

Making of: zill pouches

These were afternoon projects (one for each I made) that ended taking a life of its own, and as usual generated a few variations along the way. I wanted a small pouch to hung...

Not a Choli Dress

While I was doing General Skills, I got a second hand Choli Dress from a friend, and Carolena herself helped me into it for the first time. I like it, and I’ve used it often, but it’s very obviously patterned for a straight or hourglass figure. The cut is great for moving in, but with my very wide hips and a narrow ribcage, the shape has room for improvement if I’m going just on the looks. So after I did my own choli pattern back in 2020, I started thinking of expanding it into my own take on the choli dress.

Costuming for Plus Sizes

With the Summer performance season almost over, I am always rather surprised at the amount of items I had to make; it seems that no matter how much costuming I’ve got, I always end...

Upcoming Costuming Workshops at Gothla UK

On July 22nd, I will be teaching two costuming workshops at Gothla. Tickets are on sale now, you can find more details at and book your space at Grouped under an “Appetite...

New utility page: Circle Skirt calculation

Just been using this circle skirt calculation script for myself on and off, and I decided to add it to the website. Basically, it’s a small script that allows you to enter your waist,...