2018 Calendar

January is almost over, we’ve all shaken off the last of the Christmas drowsiness, and if you’re anything like me, you are itching to get back to dancing. This year promises to have a lot of interesting events in the UK and Europe. Some events might be already sold out, but it’s always worth registering interest with the organisers, as quite often people drop off last minute.

  • February 16th to 18th: Kalash Tribal is sponsoring a twelve-hour intensive with Sandi & Wendy, from FCBD, in Devon. It’s sold out but might still have a place opening last minute.
  • April 6th-8th: Gabriele Keiner is hosting SuperBeth for a Tamarind Tribal Transformations Weekend, exclusively to learn Tamarind dialect. Details can be found in the facebook event. It might already be sold out but again, if you’re interested, contact the organiser.
  • April 21st-22nd: Nairiam Tribal Dance is hosting Kelley Beeston in Osnabrück, for a weekend ellegible for your Sister Studio Continuing Education Program. Also organised via Facebook event.
  • May 25th-28th: Tribal Remix, organised by Hilde Canoodt, bringing Jill Parker, Tjarda Van Straten, Lamia Barbara, Alexis Southall, and a few others. Individual workshops go on sale on January 31st
  • June 8th-21st: Integrated Dance levels 1 and 2 hosted by Alexis Southall; for any style of dancing, particularly if you are already or considering teaching
  • July 20th-22nd: Gothla UK, this year hosting Sharon Kihara with a Butoh intensive, and yours truly giving two costuming workshops on the Sunday; Sharon Kihara’s intensive can be booked now, individual workshops will go on sale in February
  • August31st-September2nd: Hilde Canoodt is hosting Michelle Sorensen in Brighton, workshops and show; bookings are already open
  • October 12th-15th: Kelley Beeston in Warsaw, hosted by Szkoła Tańca Orientmania; three days of ATS, also elegible for the SSCE Program. More details in the Facebook event page.
  • October 26th-28th: Infusion Emporium 8, in Wolverhampton; teachers include Amy Sigil, Aziza, and Olga Meos; registration hasn’t opened yet, but you can find more details in the Facebook event page

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