End of year

What a year it’s been! Some people have been going back to classes in person, although I haven’t. I have, however, restarted online classes with my teacher Mai ( https://www.instagram.com/eurekafloyd/ ) , and focused mostly on FCBD Style with Fan. Among all the madness, I did manage to perform a couple of times, with improvisation, created one new choreography, and started on another.

I’m also contemplating getting ready to teach, new variants permitting. There are a couple of fine details that I need to sort out, I’m keeping a close eye on numbers, but I’m hoping things will get going in the new year, either in person or online.

There’s still a huge number of festivals happening online, and a lot of online learning options available for those up for it. You can check my post on presents for dancers for a non comprehensive list of people and organisations offering them. I also hear a UK favourite festival might be coming back next year, but I’ll say more when I know more about it. In the meantime, there’s been hints that Gothla Online will be back for Bloody Valentine, and that’s always good fun.

Last two blog posts of the year (until January) will only be inspiration, as I would like to take a bit of time for planning what’s coming. I want to do more dance and costuming related posts if I can, as well as finishing the makeup video series: videos are filmed, just need overdubbing, but I don’t want to turn this into a makeup and beauty blog, so there will be some time in between those posts.

So please enjoy my music suggestions, and have a safe holiday season.

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