End of year and 2024 plans

This year is coming to an end, and with it, plans are afoot for 2024.

There are just two classes left for 2023, happening on Sunday 10th and 17th. After that we’ll be taking a short break until the new year. Date is still TBA but tentatively, we’ll be restarting on the 10th. From next year, classes will still be drop in, but will be split in fusion with beginners choreography on Wednesdays, and group improvisation (FatChance BellyDance Style) on Sundays.

Other plans: there is a strong chance of at least one FCBD workshop around the Crawley/Horsham area in the first couple of months of the year. I am also extremely likely to be attending and hopefully performing at Gothla UK in July.

I’ll keep updating with my calendar, and those of other events in the UK.

I’ll also add some more of my making-of projects to the blog, so you can do them if you want. And there might be some new reviews coming! Stay tuned!

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