Inspiration: Poi Belly Fusion with Firecat

Firecat doing a belly-poi fusion piece in Brighton

Firecat doing a belly-poi fusion piece in Brighton

Yes, I should post a bit more often, but I’ve been tied with a couple of commissions and have had zero time to do anything other than work, class, and practice. I’ve got a few costume projects up my sleeve, and will write more about them once I take a small work holiday (hopefully soon) and I can tackle those.

Now, for a bit more inspiration. Firecat is a poi-bellyfusion artist from Brighton, and has released this video. The piece is effective, but overall it’s FUN, helped by the choice of music, and shows a different side of what you could do, if you wanted to add something a bit different. I admire this because I did have a very short stint trying to learn poi, I know is not easy no matter how flowy it looks, and requires as much dedication as dancing does. Enjoy!

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