Inspiration: Ter’zim & Students at the First ATS UK Residential

Me, wearing an ATS costume

All dolled up!

By this time a week ago, I was getting ready for my first ever proper ATS performance at the ATS Residential. It was a bit scary, but something I’d been looking forwards to do, coming a bit more than one year after I started learning ATS. I know I performed to He’neya in the summer with my friend, but that was a choreography so not *quite* the thrill of improvising on the spot, as this was.

You can get a better view of the costume on the photo on the left. I wore an off-the-shoulder stretch velvet choli which I made myself, a necklace that was cleaned-up and re-worked to have all new stones, one of my gemstone bindis -with a garnet-, the stripey pantaloons from Belladonna’s Bouduoir that I spoke about earlier, and a big fluffy red skirt that I mentioned reshaping for my hips ages ago. My cover-up is a lovely piece of Egyptian Assuit that I got some time ago, intending on using it for costuming, and that, when it arrived, I couldn’t face cutting. It’s very lovely and soft!

In the video you can see my teacher and her usual dance partner doing the drum solo; the students (J and me) did the slow song. The whole experience was very enjoyable, and I should be posting a review of the Residential and other things that came out of it pretty soon. In the meantime, enjoy!

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4 Responses

  1. vikinghorns says:

    Hi, I loved the video of you dancing, you were all great – I saw it a few days ago on FB and didn’t realise that it was you 🙂 Your skirt is lovely.

    I don’t do ATS although we do some tribal fusion. I am friends with Tribal Unity Deana, Maxine Akula Ratnavali and Christine Akula Tribal, so I see all their posts on FB. Actually I was dancing at a new bellydance club in Rochford Essex last night with Maxine, we sloshed through the rain to get there!

    Louisa x

    • Arien says:

      Thank you! It was a great experience, I was very happy with the result, and while it doesn’t *quite* show in the video because of the low light, I was complimented about my big smile… considering the one point my teacher kept nagging about (and with good reason) was that I was having trouble smiling and looking at the imaginary public during rehearsal, I think it paid off. Although my camels look a bit drunk… need to work on them as for some reason I got them in muscle memory as leaning, not straight! grr!

      I took two workshops with Deana, I met them all at the Residential for the first time, although I didn’t really talk to either Christine or Maxine. I loved Deana’s teaching, and would happily take more workshops with her.

  2. Arien, what is the music that you and the other student are dancing to here? I love it and I especially love the ATS solo you do to it as well.

    • Arien says:

      Thank you! The music is called Canon Strike, by Radio Laria… my teacher chose it for this duet, and I picked it up for the solo later as I didn’t have much time and I’d grown very familiar with the music, so I figured it would be less stressful.

      You can download the track from here

      And I’ve been itching to see if we could somehow do dueling duets using the canoning aspect in the music reflected in the dance.

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