Inspiration: Mona Amar

Mona Amar

Mona Amar

It’s been a while since I posted an inspiration set, but it’s been mostly because I wanted something different… We all have our favourite dancers, but I hadn’t found any “new” dancer that I wanted to feature here yet, for some reason or other.

Today’s is Mona Amar, a dancer whom I hadn’t seen before. Needless to say, aside from really enjoying her performance, I am completely in love with her costume. SO flattering, such a great use of materials, and yet again more stretch lace and minimum decoration… I definitly need to get moving with my stretch lace costume next, and that mermaid cut with the contrasting colour on the bottom looks amazing… time to put that rolled hem overlocker to work! And if you neeed any more good ideas for costumes, take a look at the one on the left!


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