Seller Review: Belladonna’s Bouduoir

Belladonnas Bouduoir Strippey Pantaloons

Belladonnas Bouduoir Strippey Pantaloons

I met the owner of Belladonna’s Bouduoir in a Belly Dance Facebook group some time ago, we became quite friendly. Back then, she offered to do what I’d wanted for a while but couldn’t find: a version of ruffle fluffies that would fit me, and at a reasonable price. Score! The trousers arrived, they fit like a glove, and they look great, and the only small issue is that they are a couple of inches too long, courtesy, it seems, of hubby’s measuring. I haven’t worn them for any performance or event, but when I do, I will be publishing a photo!

My second purchase from her were the pantaloons on the photo. The fabric is very soft and light, and they look fantastic on. Blaise does work really well on bespoke items, she is very aware of potential issues for the bigger sizes, like the extra allowance we need for our booties, and will take them into consideration when drafting the pattern for you. I have been extremely satisfied with both items I’ve got from her, and would heartily recommend her if you are looking for something special that you can’t get off the peg. Be aware, though, that bespoke orders can have a long turn-around time.

You can find Belladonna’s Bouduoir’s Pantaloon offerings here:, and while you are there, take a look around the rest of the site, you won’t regret it!

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