What I’ve been up to?

Looking at the dates of posts in the blog, you’d think I’ve lost interest. I haven’t. I’ve just been so busy, that writing about what I’m doing has taken a back seat to actually *doing* stuff. Because doing is always a lot more fun, of course!

In the dancing world, I am continuing attending Tribal Fusion classes with Hilde Cannoodt in Brighton, while also still going to ATS classes (still at Level 2, trying to polish it all before moving up, hopefully by the end of the year). I am still practicing with the Silk Road troupe locally. I’ve taken an intensive with Rosangela Silvestre. I’m doing an ATS residential in January. I am now schedule for a first duo performance at the local Hafla in October, and want to try practicing my second choreography to see if I could do my first solo *gasp* by the end of the year. I will attempt a review of Rosangela’s intensive, but it will be difficult, not because there was too much or too little, but because a lot of the work has been quite personal to me.

In the costuming world, I now need to start working on the belt to match the teal bra I finished in June, and will probably also do a Ghawazee coat to match. I’ve also started making bindis, I’ll be posting a tutorial soon, although it’s not for the faint of heart. And if you’re observant, you’ll notice a “Store” button above… I am not going to have a full blown store, but I will put some of the bindis I make up for sale, and it seemed like the best idea. Stay tuned!

In the body world, Rosangela’s intensive did open up a lot: her warm-ups were very specific, VERY slow, no cardio as most people expect but opting for slowly stretching and pushing the body, and I’ve found that works tonnes better with my muscles, and her way of explaining moves also helped me break through mental barriers that were preventing me from achieving certain body moves. My ATS teacher has also changed the conditioning so these days we are working rather differently, which has helped. My ankle is still not fully healed, though, although it is getting better slowly, and I am scheduled in for nail surgery during September, which hopefully won’t be an issue. And all this work has also kickstarted a different body awareness, which I am still not sure where it will take me, but that is proving to be rather “interesting”… more on that when I get my thoughts organised better!

So what can you expect, coming up?

  • making of the teal belt
  • tutorial on making a bindi
  • review of the Silvestre Technique Intensive
  • some further thoughts on health, body awareness and technique
  • more inspiration posts
  • further down the line, on the sewing pile: brocade bra and belt, another tribal belt, two fustan raqs, and re-threading and re-beading of a Cabaret Costume


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