Review: Tribal Skirt from Devadasi Design

During my first attendance to Tribal Remix in Brighton, a skirt wearing caught my eye: it was a 25 yarder, yes, but made of very light cotton, with lurex strands running through it, like a glitter pinstripe. It looked amazing, particularly in movement, and being burgundy -my favourite colour for clothing- it generated an instant desire to get something similar.

At a later time I found through one of the ATS groups on Facebook that similar skirts were done by Devadasi Designs. The skirts looked really nice, but as usual, a bit too small to fit my hips. And the site was in German, although thanks to Google Translate, I could figure it out. On a whim, I decided to write to them. Could they do custom orders?

Gudrun from Devadasi Design

Gudrun from Devadasi Design in her workshop

Turns out that the answer was YES, although they suggested Sea Green instead of the teal I wanted -they don’t do teal for the lurex ones- and not only they did custom order to my hips and length (allowing me the extra length I need to avoid the dreaded bum-lift at the back) but they didn’t charge extortionate prices for the convenience either. The communication with Gudrun, the owner of Devadasi Design, was nothing short of superb. My order arrived quickly, and because it came from within the EU, also avoided the dreaded VAT/TAX/Duty/Handling Charge that Royal Mail will slap on your order. What’s not to like?

The skirts are *gorgeous* in person, and I got plenty of questions of where I’d got it. They are fluffy and soft and light, they twirl and fly when you move, and you can even wash them. The colour is great, and although it’s more of a minty green than I expected, it works. I loved it when I took it out of the box, and worked wonderfully with the teal bra that I’d made. I’ve only worn it once for performance, and I do still need to adjust the length a touch to even out the bottom, but that’s something I’ve come to expect with every new skirt, and has nothing to do with the skirt itself and all to do with my particular body shape.

Would I order again from Devadasi Design? Yes! I was very, very satisfied with the customer support, my questions were answered promptly, I got informed when my skirt went into production and when it shipped too, so the whole process was transparent. I felt very cared for as a customer! I have also revised my “beware of postal made to measure” position. The fact that gradient skirts can be dyed to order means that also you can have unique skirts that are like no other, or have skirts ordered for a whole troupe, dyed in the exact same batch so everybody’s look the same, if that’s what you’re after.

Now go visit her website, and drool: Devadasi Design. I just lament that I didn’t take any picture of myself wearing the skirt when I used it for performance.

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  1. Thank you for your loevely review, Ana! I’m so happy to hear you enjoy your skirt 🙂
    For people, who don’t speak German, I have a facebook page, it’s
    Warmest regards
    Gudrun xo

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