When I started this blog I was intending on adding content weekly, but of course life always gets in the way. In my case, it’s been mostly “dancing” getting in the way, which is not a bad thing, but if I sat down to blog about everything I’ve been doing that is dance related, I would barely have any time left in the day!

So, a summary of what’s been happening in my dancing life of late:

  • did further performances at Crawley Carnival and East Preston
  • made two white lace cholis with flouncy sleeves for my friend L and I to wear for East Preston; sadly, we forgot to request photos
  • attended yet another sha’abi workshop at Orient Expressions, this time given by Shona; performed at the hafla afterwards with the Silk Road troupe
  • found some killer fabric that sent my costume bunnies into such an overdrive that prompted new priorities and style of work
  • started (and nearly finished) a new tribal bra, this time with quite a bit of beading and jewellery involvement
  • dropped out of the fun classes at the Silk Road of Sundays, because I…
  • started Tribal Fusion classes (intermediate level) with Hilde Canoodt in Brighton
  • finished choreographing my second piece
  • added a new related content plug-in to the blog
  • knitted a pair of zill mufflers for my ATS teacher

I am sad to say that the Silk Road Sunday classes will stop at the end of the month. I do think that the town could do with a beginner level class, but there are multiple reasons for not holding classes on Sundays: they are difficult days, a lot of people organise social events then, and the attendance suffered as a consequence. I am happy to say that the few students that weren’t doing the Troupe practices on Thursdays will be joining us then, so nobody will be left without their chance to dance.

Also, I have taken photos of the progress done with the tribal bra, as they might help illustrate the process better. Photos of this will follow soon!

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