New functionality added: Calendar!

I realised early on that keeping the blog up to date with events was going to be a bit of a pain, particularly since it would be difficult to track it all down. We normally have our local events (Shiraz’ Orient Expressions, parties and performances, carnivals, processions, etc), our group related events (mostly events organised by Khaled), but now that I’ve started ATS and started making friends with other dancers outside of our group, there’s a new influx of information, plenty of it in different styles… While before I would probably just find out about Egyptian or Cabaret style events, now I’m getting details for ATS, tribal fusion, and everything in between. It’s also quite difficult to keep track of multiple mailing lists all the time.

There *had* to be an easier way. So I checked for an events organiser for WordPress, installed and customised it (mostly, there’s still a couple of things to do), and now I’m listing workshops, classes, performances, shows, festivals, haflas and whatever else I find out might be coming our way, that is belly dance related.

You can access the calendar from the link in the horizontal menu above, or from here, and there is now a section on the side bar that lists upcoming events too. The calendar will be updated when I receive information, and of course there’s the blog updates, which should come roughly once a week or more often.

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