Makeup, start to finish: Eyes

Second part of the makeup tutorial videos. These were filmed in real time, including mistakes. I talk a bit about them and how to fix them in the video.

I’ve done the preparation process I talked in my previous post. Next I do the eyes. I’m using the Blowing Smoke palette from ColourPop to do a smokey eye look.

One thing I should have done, and will do next time I use this palette, is to put a thick layer of powder under my eyes. This will catch the fallout for the darker colours and will make it easier to remove; once the eye makeup is done, it will be as easy as dusting off the excess powder. Or at least that’s the theory, sometimes it takes a bit more effort.

I am trying to draw an elongated shape upwards, aiming to have a straight line (parallel to the floor) between the outermost point and the top centre of my eyelid done with the transition colour (the reddish grey). With age, my outer upper eyelid has started creeping down, and this is a good technique for hooded or semi-hooded eyes to open them up. If you need a more detailed explanations on how to do this and why, head over to Wayne Goss’ video (opens in new tab). This is of course *far* more intense than what he’s aiming for, but the general principles apply.

A favourite technique of late that I haven’t really used this time is to make most of the eyelid very light, and only pile on the darkness on the outer corners. This works really well on more mature eyes as it brightens up the area and makes the eyes look much bigger. You can totally try doing this instead of using a midtone colour on the centre, while keeping everything else the same. Just make sure that the brushes you use for the lighter colour and the blending are clean. I will try to make a video just doing this.

Blowing Smoke Look

And if you want to make this work for a daily look, just use lighter colours, and a lighter hand. I purposefully went for dramatic, and I also used the finished look photo in the review for the Blowing Smoke palette, so if you want a reminder of what the finished look is like up close, click on the photo to the left to view it at full size.

Otherwise, check the video below. There are captions if you prefer that.

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