Returning to normal…

Exactly a month ago the website was hacked. I’ve got no idea who did it, I’ve got no idea why. I do however have an idea of what I would do to the people involved if I find them tied to a chair with no one else looking for, say, a couple of hours. I’ve had to reinstall WordPress from scratch, deal with a crappy host security who washed their hands clean off everything, took over 2 days to answer  “urgent” security message,  and claimed that nothing had happened because, of course, everything had been wiped clean by the time they got to it. On the upside, it means that the site is now fully updated and hopefully more secure in a host of different ways. On the downside, it means I had to spend several days working long hours to get everything sorted, and therefore, I was not in any shape ready to get back to writing about making things, or dancing, because I was too busy sorting out tech instead of doing either *sigh*.

I have also, in the meantime, finished my ATS Level 1 course, started Level 2 (and my thoughts on ATS and more soon), and our group has  participated in the local bonfire parade and in a fundraising performance for a local volunteer group. And I made a little fix on a bridal dress for a classmate. Not a belly dancing project but important nonetheless!
I should also be adding a few events to the Calendar.

I’m leaving you with a little bit of inspirational music, from Shiva in Exile. This is from their album Nour, and I am currently trying to find a way to obtain it without having to pay a fortune for a physical copy, or having to sign up for 3 months at Magnatune, although I suspect it might be a good thing to do, considering the amount of their music I already own (Stellamara’s and Solace’s full discography, for starters). Enjoy!

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