50% off offer from Belly Stockings

Belly Stockings is having a 50% off offer for a week. Their stockings are great if you’ve got a two-piece that you are not that sure about, or if you want to wear more traditional Tribal or fusion outfits but don’t want to show your tummy. They hold you in firmly, they show all your tiny abs work, and because of the materials use, they also keep you cool and dry quickly. They use really good power mesh, and the briefs are made of thick cotton. I’ve worn them twice now, once for a street party where I wore a 2-piece Samia set from Hanan, and once for a restaurant party with my tribal outfit.

I’m now ordering a second black stocking, this time matte, to better go with the tribal sets, and I’ll keep the black shiny option for the Egyptian costumes.

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