What a week!

This past week has made posting scarce simply because so much has been going on. On Tuesday I started learning ATS L1, on Saturday I attended Khaled Mahmoud’s Baladi Taqsim workshop at Shimmy in the City, following with the evening show that included Kazafy, Orit, Aziza, Khaled, Charlotte and of course Dina. I had a good look around the souk, saw fabrics, styles and finishes from several different vendors/designers, also paid attention to the costumes used on stage, couldn’t manage to stop drooling over the most beautiful costume by Eman Zaki, and had a good day out with friends. My head is still buzzing from it all, and as a result of it all, there’s tons of ideas that I want to put on (virtual) paper. Also, for the next 3 weeks I am teaching the Sunday class at The Silk Road, so I had to include some preparation for it. Basically, manic all around. Details to follow!

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