Inspiration: Jon Sterckx’s Dhaginatak

JonSterckx's Drumscapes

JonSterckx’s Drumscapes

Today I received an invitation to a tribal fusion workshop with Katie Holland and the percussionist Jon Sterckx, and there was a link to a little gem taken during a TEDx talk. It’s a wonderful fun piece, using live looping and traditional instruments, but the best of it all? People stood up and DANCED. Me? I can’t wait to use it next time I’m teaching. It’s infectious and very rhythmical but, because of the nature of the loops building up the song, predictable, so very usable even with a first time listen, so great for practicing pops and locks and little detailed movements, I think.

I can’t embed the video because embedding has been dissabled from YouTube, but if you want to view it, and more importantly listen to it, you can go to

There’s a full album and two singles available on Spotify, and on eMusic, here

It’s Friday. Go dance and have some fun!

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