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Inspiration Özgür Baba & Hamed Habibpour

I shared work by these two a couple of years ago. So it’s time for some more. Perfect to chill to while you fix those costumes or sip your favourite hot drink. Enjoy

Inspiration: Özgür Baba & Gökçe Es

There’s something that feels so peaceful and wholesome about this video. Her voice is amazing, there is a beauty in the simplicity of the music, there’s an obvious respect between both performers, and the...

Inspiration: Yogetsu Akasaka’s Heart Sutra

Yogetsu is a legit Japanese Buddhist Monk, who also happens to beatbox and create music, often centred around Sutras. During the height of the pandemic he did live sessions every day on YouTube to uplift spirits, and he’s kept them going, although not as often.