Ghawaret El Fan Blue Madam Darbouka

Ghawaret El Fan Blue Madam Darbouka

It’s been a while since I’ve done a bit of a general update. The dancing side of things was quite busy; I did a 6 week course with my Suhaila-trained ATS teacher, to learn to dance with zills better; afterwards I started level 4 classes with Hilde in Brighton while she was still running them, I was still doing the local Egyptian practice, and was still doing ATS. Work has also picked up considerably, so basically when I’m not dancing, I’m working; the downside of it is that I’ve had a sciatica flare in the past month, which I *hope* is under control now, but did break some havoc. I also, unluckily enough, got into an accident during a workshop and got another ankle sprained, the right one this time just so I can have both equally screwed up. Yay.

The upside from the accident is that I’ve again had a bit of time to get back into sewing, and to try to work out a work/break routine (again!) that will not make my poor muscles tighten enough to pinch nerves, and that will allow me to do things like practice, stretching and conditioning. Right now it’s mostly for some conditioning, physio for strengthening both ankles, and some drumming, but it’s starting to become habit and it feels good. On the sewing front, I’ve learnt to do shrugs, have done a modified, better fitted version of the ShimmySista shrug in a cool shredded fabric, and a more typical type of shrug, of which I’ll be posting instructions later on, once I can trace down the pieces to offer a pattern.

So what can you expect I’ll be posting soon? More info about upcoming events in the South East, there are new haflas and events happening, offering a lot more opportunities to learn, watch other performers, and why not, perform yourself. Some more sewing when I can do it. Reviews of more DVDs and CDs, and some more writing about my dancing journey. In the meantime, hope you enjoy the ride.

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