UK Events for 2014

Lots of things happening next year! Budgets will be strained, but there’s so much interesting stuff that we will be spoilt for choice.

In no particular order:

  • Orient Expressions will be running their bi-monthly event with workshop and hafla, starting in February with a shabi choreography
  • Sat, January 11th, 13:30: Firewater Presents Shakti Dance Workshop with Mishaal, in London. Details here (Fusion)
  • January 24th-26th: ATS Residential in Cambridge; ATS but all 45 places already taken
  • February 8-9th: Through the Looking Glass Choreology intensive with Hilde Canoodt in Brighton, all places taken
  • Feb 28th – March 2nd: Majma Dance Festival in Glastonbury (all styles)
  • May 2nd to 5th: Tribal Remix in Brighton
  • July 18th to 22nd: Silvestre Technique Intensive (contemporary technique), in Brighton
  • July 25th to 17th: Gothla UK (Gothic Fusion); more details at
  • August 30th to September 2nd: Kristine Adams’European Tour, From the Belly of a Traveller” (ATS), in Devon
  • September 20th: Kristine Adams’European Tour, From the Belly of a Traveller” (ATS), in Essex, more info at
  • September 26th to 28th: ATS Residential
  • Octboer 28th to November 2nd: Infusion Emporium in Wolverhampton (Fusion); Soul Movement Intensive with Rachel Brice, Ashley Lopez and Samantha Emanuel, and a weekend of workshops and show to follow; details at
  • November 14th to 18th: Devi Mamak Workshops in Essex (ATS); register interest at

Soul Movement Flyer

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