Finished teal costume

Finished Teal Costume

Finished Teal Costume

Last weekend I attended Orient Expressions’ Hafla, and managed to secure a performance spot. I’ll go over the performance on a separate post, with a video included and notes on the choreography, but right now I wanted to show off the finished teal costume. Click on the photo on the left for a bigger image.

I created a mermaid skirt in teal stretch velvet using the method/pattern outlined here, and although this time the bottom part is fuller, there’s still no real train (mental note for the future: raise the front, but leave the back train). The skirt used 3 metres of fabric, and the leftover scraps gave just enough fabric for a matching short-sleeved choli, which should come handy if I use my sea green Devadasi Designs skirt, or if I want a slightly more covered look.

You can also see how the Czech crystal hip drapes worked on the belt and bra. There was a small malfunction of one of the drapes when the link attaching them to the belt burst open; I’ll have to replace them with a double-ring.

The whole costume was tied together with the help of this bolero from Belly Dancing Direct (review coming up!), and one of their body stockings, although I am thinking of getting a long sleeved underbust bodystocking to use next time with this and a couple of other costumes I’ve done or I’m making.

Overall, I am extremely pleased, and my only regret right now is that I didn’t step out of my comfort zone with the decoration enough to take it to the next level. I would still love something in peacock colours, and might just have to approach it again from a different angle after I’m done with the projects list. What do you think?

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4 Responses

  1. vikinghorns says:

    I enjoy reading your costume making articles, and I think your finished outfit looks great.

    • Arien says:

      Thank you! I am hoping readers, particularly plus sized women like me, realise that they can make their own costumes and that being plus sized doesn’t mean they have to put up with ugly or drab costumes… Belly dance is a celebration, and I think costuming should be approached as such too.

  2. vikinghorns says:

    I am generously sized too and I make all my own costumes, partly because I can’t find some items ready made in my size, but mostly because I just enjoy it.

    I have a website for bellydance and tribal dance here:

    Louisa x

  3. Arien says:

    your photos are amazing, and you’re relatively close, I am based in West Sussex, near Worthing.

    And yes, making your own stuff is almost addictive, isn’t it. I find it very enjoyable and relaxing.

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