Performance: Orient Expressions August 2023

Back in August, I performed one of my choreographies using Flamenco Fan FCBD Style vocabulary at Orient Expressions.

The track is from a Canadian fusion band called Sultans of Strings, that combine elements of Flamenco, Arabic music and other influences. In this track they collaborated with Padideh Ahrarnejad, an Iranian/Canadian musician. The mix was absolutely perfect for the mix of influences we often have with FCBD Style, and the heavy flamenco feel of the second part convinced me to use Flamenco Fan dialect.

I worked with The Siren Project Dialect, as well as Fin del Mundo, and developed a couple of extra steps of my own for parts where I thought I needed something very specific musically that I couldn’t get within the existing vocabulary.

My costume was kept simple, as is usually the case with flamenco fan performances: a jersey cotton high waist siren skirt with hitching channels that I made using the method I’d outlined in this post, a choli from Alma Tribal, and a red velvet and assuit belt that I will post a making-of in the future.

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