Happy Halloween!

I’ve been a fan of the Addams Family for years, and the second movie (Addams Family Values) is a particular favourite. So when I decided to do something on my own for this Halloween, and *then* rediscovered that the soundtrack had a tango, I felt it was the perfect match.

I styled my outfit, hair and makeup to resemble those of Angelica Houston in the role. I danced FCBD® Style Fan dialect, part of it from the Siren Project, and part of it developed by Fin del Mundo BellyDance and my teacher Eureka Floyd. She teachers regular classes in Spanish and bilingual workshops about once a month or so translated by yours truly. Go follow her! This is almost a spur of the moment thing, and was improvised, as will become evident if you stay to the end to watch a few outtakes. My three recommendations: do not dance with a fan with sleeves this big, do not dance wearing a corset, and do not dance on such an irregular surface.


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