Gothla 2019

Last year marked my first year teaching at a festival. I offered two craft workshops, in belt and bra making. The content was expanded from what I’ve been publishing here, and required me to write a small book -about 100 pages between text and photos- as handout. If you couldn’t attend my workshop, that book will be out in digital format at some point before end of December.

This year’s Gothla promises to be another stunning affair, with not one but two intensives. Ariellah is teaching a 10-hour intensive on Compelling Choreography Composition, and Valenteena teaching her Killer Dancer’s Path. Guy Shalom will also be teaching an advance drumming workshop. There will be other teachers and workshops if these are not your thing, including Morgana, Ida, Carina, Darkstar, Fulya, Nia, Rachael, Robyn and a few other teachers.

I’m happy to announce that the organisers have very kindly invited me to teach again. This time, I’ll be teaching a workshop on musicality, using Western musical theory as the starting point. This will be an open level workshop, and on it, I will use my background in classical music to first cover basics of musical structure, then work on how to apply those concepts into our dancing. Not two of us hear the music the exact same way, but I hope I can help you unlock your musical ear into a next level, both to help you in your own creations, and when dancing someone else’s.

You can find more about the workshops at

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