Inspiration: Tito and Hala duet

Proof positive that you don’t need an incredibly fancy costume when you’ve got superb technique. Look how lovely Tito’s isolations are showing on his Galabaya… and I saw a similar phenomenon when seeing Khaled dancing with one on at his workshop last year.


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2 Responses

  1. Debs says:

    Titos galabya is silk thats also why it shows his shimmys so well, so was Khaleds in last years shimmy workshop xxx

    • Arien says:

      Yeah, but you can also get similar effects with other thin, floaty fabrics without the expensive price tag. I find I do prefer males dancing with this simpler costume, I have to say! The floaty fabric highlights the moves a lot better than any fancy rhinestones would, because it both reflects the light and moves, and the draping is just lovely, accentuates it all even more. But as you say, to get that effect, you need a really good fabric, and things cut properly!

      Now for the females, it’s a lot more difficult. I’ve got a rant coming later today about the problems curvy women have finding nice, fitting costumes for us. This might be a bit hypocritical, considering what I’m saying here about not needing an overly decorated costume, but the baggy style Tito has here does fit his body type, and as you say, the silk quality has a lot to do with the overall effect. This is miles ahead from what I see usually on offer for the bigger women… shiny lycra is def. not silk!

      Would love to hear your thoughts about it when it posts, from your perspective as a teacher.

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