Fit and Quality, what to look for

I’ve written about finding the right fit before, but I was meaning to write something in more depth about what to look for in terms of corner cutting or quality. The issues I found with the 25-yard skirt have brought those things back (like having half the seams unfinished) and I reckoned it was time to revisit that.

Luckily, someone has written something very close to what I had in mind, saving me the work, and thoughtfully titling it Modern Clothing Manufacturers are Skimping on Quality. It IS about modern styles, although most of what is said there can easily be applied to any other style of clothing, and yes, that includes belly dancing costumes.

Go read it, seriously. You’ll thank me for it! At least until your next time going shopping, at which point you will realise that now you barely want to buy anything.
You’re welcome!

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