Fustan Raqs in Red, part two: Eyecandy!

Fustan Raqs in Red

Cabaret dress, full body

This is the (nearly) finished dress.  And I know I skipped the making part; that I’ve covered elsewhere! However, I was excited about the photos taken today, and wanted to post them.

The interesting thing you can notice in this photo is the duochrome quality of the fabric: the left edge, despite being hit by the light, shows darker, and the front, at an oppossing angle, looks instead bright red. This isn’t a trick of the light, but has to do with the foiled effect on the fabric.

I want to add lettuce-edged sleeves to it, in the same manner that I did for the black cabaret dress, but that’s not an immediate concern. The cabaret dress has been made initially for a specific parade and will be paired with red organza Isis wings, so the sleeves won’t be necessary at this time. When I do, I will probably used red-foiled black power mesh for the flounces so they match the fabric tones better.

The costume is made of around 4 metres of foiled stretch fabric, 2 1/2 pairs of sew-on embroidered silver and black appliques, assorted faceted sew-on resin stones, and 33 beaded tassels.  The tassels use Czech seed beads and faceted crystals, silver bead caps, and resin briolettes.

Coming up, close up of the beaded tassels and sewing and decorating the dress!

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