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Journaling and Planning: a journey

As soon as we see the Halloween decorations come out, a lot of my stationary obsessed friends start scrambling around for their planners or journals for the following year. It’s like clockwork. Both of these activities have become rather popular with dancers of late, and it’s easy to see why. Both can help you develop, in very different ways.

Learning Choreography Fast Without Pulling Your Hair

You’ve created a choreography for a hafla. Or you’ve chosen to take part in a choreography project like The Juniper Project, or Masmoudi Students, or like the Olivia Kissel Hybrid intensive. Or someone from...

90 Day Bellydance challenge update

Right before the end of March I posted about Andalee’s 90 day Belly Dance Challenge. One of the points of the challenge is to do some sort of account/tabulation/journaling of what is going on,...